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Have you been longing for an escape from daily life? Is it your dream to live on an expansive tract of land where you and your horses can ride under the Carolina blue sky? If so, it may be time to invest in an equestrian-focused property here in the Triangle. Here, you'll find plenty of listings that both you and your four-legged friends will love—and many of them come with top-notch facilities geared towards horse lovers.

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Common Features of Horse Properties

Plenty of land

Discover endless room to roam in the lush North Carolina countryside.

Dedicated horse barns

Find a property that has lavish accommodations for you and your horses!

Verdant pastures

Your new home will have plenty of green space for your horse to run free.

Training facilities

Some properties come equipped with arenas and corrals, which makes it easy to hone your riding skills.

Why Buy an Equestrian Home?


Amazing resale

Because land is such a treasured commodity, horse properties with plenty of acreage will usually increase in value over time, especially if you make improvements.


Business options

As an equestrian property owner, you may be able to start a horse boarding businesses, offer riding lessons, or rent your facilities out to the public.


Tons of storage

Horses often come with a lot of supplies, including brides, saddles, feed, blankets, pads, and halters. Having your own barn gives you plenty of room to store everything.


Total convenience

Gone are the days of boarding your horses and only seeing them a few times a week. When you own an equestrian property, you can watch them graze from your kitchen window every day.


On-site facilities

Have you always dreamed of trotting around your own practice ring or going on a trail ride without leaving home? The right horse property will have everything you need on-site.

Gallop to Your Dream Home!

If you're eager to find a home that suits you and your horses, the Beth Hines Team is here to help! We have plenty of experience matching equestrians with the property of their dreams, and we have plenty of resources to guide you in the right direction. Get in touch with us today to get started!